Capitán Otálora


My father was part of the great boom of the Merchant Fleet Grancolombiana, as well as a participant in its decline. His life, almost as a mirror of that descent, took the same course leaving him almost without memory. Today, twenty years later, he returns to the sea to undertake the Asia route, in order to recover the lost memory of a glorious past and a part of the history of Colombia completely forgotten.


My father’s life story is the parallel of the history of the Merchant Fleet Grancolombiana, an industry so powerful that it took Colombia to the top, but as well as it went up low as foam, being buried in oblivion.

For the first time in two decades, my father gets on a boat and embarks on the Asia route. The same route that he abandoned when he retired from the Fleet that made him live his best years. Life in the sea filled him so much that he did not had the need to live in a fixed place. He was always on the sidelines of society. When he was introduced to civilian life, he failed to adapt to society’s standards, something that led to serious episodes of stress and restlessness, which have triggered a memory illness.

Today we embark on an adventure, in order to rebuild his memories and those of the Fleet. During the trip we will reflect on the loss of personal and collective memory, a somatic symptom of pain and frustration.


Directed by: Laura Otálora
Produced by: Estephania Bonnett Alonso
Director of photography: Angello Faccini
Sound: Leo Dolgan
Image and sound postproduction: Moonlight cinema

Technical information

90 minuts