About Playlab

Let's Play - Creativity in motion by unstoppable creative minds.

We are a production company that aims at nurturing imagination through cinema.

We have been able to conceive an innovative cinematographic production model by exposing emerging talents to cinema’s greatest minds.

We cultivate new ideas and new games that are introduced into the creative process because we are strong believers that those are the keys to open new horizons.

What do we do?

We boost new emerging talents and make their cinematographic projects come true.

Creators Lab

Along side with movie experts we discover the world from a different point of view, we share our ideas and put them into practice. We want you to leave your comfort zone, reposition your camera and share your work with an international audience.

Production Lab

We produce emerging talent’s movies by giving them a space to create, play and inspire others from their unique point of view.

How do we achieve it?

We create and produce from a new perspective

We act as a bridge that connects training, production, financing and distribution; creating a sustainable and dynamic cinema model.

Creative Minds

By connecting emerging talents to cinema’s greatest minds.

Production Game Changers

By creating a sustainable and dynamic cinema model.

Revealing Talents

By promoting visibility to the international audiovisual industry.