An immersive and transformative experience of creation with a great master of Cinema

For ten days, fifty creative directors of diverse nationalities and contexts share the experience of creating fifty short films, under a wonderful methodology created by the master Abbas Kiarostami, adapted by Werner Herzog and revisited by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

The idea of Creators Lab is to get out of our comfort zone, to face a strange and unknown territory, to observe it with curiosity and respect, to co-create from different ways of seeing and understanding the world.

Creating from a place different from the one we inhabit every day, allows us to see the territory as a blank canvas, each of the elements that compose it, the people who inhabit it, the rivers, the paths we walk, each plant, each animal, the culture that embraces and welcomes us, all of them as brushes and paints that allow us to create and tell stories from another place.


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Cinema expert


international emerging talents


working days


new destination each year


short film per student


short films per edition


short films with exclusive distribution


VOD short films


community of creative directors


Feauture film projects selected for production

Who is it for?

Creative directors, filmmakers and new talents from all over the world who want to push and explore their creativity through a 100% hands-on experience.

Why participate?

  • Creating with the help of a great master filmmaker
  • Breaking creative barriers
  • A different place in the world as a canvas for creation
  • Living a unique and transformative experience
  • Gain perspective through reflections with other filmmakers
  • Explore your creativity
  • Boost your productive capacity
  • Make a short film in 10 days
  • Be part of a community of filmmakers


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