Learn filming.... on the field! An itinerant creation laboratory guided by movie experts

We aim at revitalizing the creative process behind the production of a short film under the guidance of a movie expert

For each edition, we select a destination, a new horizon to create, where professional directors and new talents will produce their short film in 10 days.

A blank page is almost always a frightening experience, hence we look at accompanying this emerging talents in the creative process and help them find new ways of seeing and telling stories; integrating their ideas with the expertise of movie legends.

Who is the workshop addressed to?

Creative directors and international emerging talents looking to boost and explore their creativity through a practical approach guided by a movie expert

“The only thing that matters is that you have to deliver after this 10 days”

— Werner Herzog


Cinema expert


international emerging talents


working days


new destination each year


short film per student


short films per edition


short films with exclusive distribution


VOD short films


community of creative directors


Feauture film projects selected for production

What will you get from our workshop?

Learn to put down creative walls

You will learn how to go through all the different phases of the creative process and cinematographic production, without fear nor frustrations

Gain perspective

A movie expert will guide you through the whole process; will share his/her experience, knowledge and became your tutor.je.

See reality as the starting point

A different location will give you a brand new perspective. Being away from your confort zone will widen your mind and set free your imagination; local stories will inspire you to tell reality from a singular point of view.

Create with the bare essentials

You will develop your short film with only the essential; camera, passion and immagination.

Explore your creativity

Creativity has no boundaries; this limits will always be pushed further.

Boost your productive capacity

You will be in charge from beginning to end. You will be responsible of the script, shooting and edition.

Participate in an international community of creative directors

A special selection of profesionals and creatives minds; the most outstading emerging talents sharing an unique experience. Synergy. Getting involved with those going the same creative path.

Develop a quality short film in 10 days

Together we can fight the industry by being pioneers in producing sustainable and quick production.


If you want more information or want to discover our next destination and movie expert, Contact us.