By Laura Otálora, Spain, Colombia, 90´, 2022

A captain of the Grancolombian Merchant Fleet is losing his memory due to the accumulation of unresolved experiences.

For the first time in three decades, my father gets on a ship and embarks on the same route he abandoned when he retired from the Grancolombian Merchant Fleet and made him live his best years. Life at sea was so fulfilling for him that he had no need to live in a fixed place, always remaining on the fringes of society.

He constantly traveled around the world, enjoying every second on land to get to know the distant and exotic places he always dreamed of visiting and living great adventures on the high seas. This ecstasy he never experienced again when he entered civilian life. He failed to adapt to the standards of society, which led to severe episodes of stress and restlessness, which have triggered, in part, a memory disease. Through the film we embark on a journey with a dual purpose, to shoot a film of the representation of his life and a documentary about what emerges through that representation.


Efrén Otálora


Directed by: Laura Otálora
Produced by: Estephania Bonnett
Written by: Laura Otálora
DOP: Angello Faccini , Alex García Martínez
Sound Designer: Leonardo Dolgán

A production by:

Playlab Films

Year: 2023
Format: Documentary – Feature
Genre: Hybrid documentary
Duration: 70.00 ‘
Original language: Spanish
Format: Color, 4K, Digital 5.1, Dolby Stereo
Status: Development – Financing