Creatos Lab 2022 — Cortos

Apichatpong Weerasethakul Lab 2022 —
Selection of short films made at the Creators Lab. The Amazon, Peru 2022.

We enter the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, cradle of multiple myths and legends of ancient cultures that still inhabit the territory and protect it as guardians. Immersed in a territory that operates as a whole, as an organism, we dive into Apichatpong’s dreamlike universe. Exploring among dreams, past lives, parallel universes, ancestors and spirits the world we inhabit today.

We discover that we can explore beyond what we see, that, as we travel on the surface, we can go through multiple layers, we can also delve into the inner universe of our characters, their territories, their memories. Apichatpong opens up an infinite world of possibilities, of ways of seeing and feeling the world, he brings out our senses and takes us to unknown places.

This is a selection of 14 short films made in the first version of Creators Lab in the Amazon, Peru in 2022.
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Cortos Seleccionados

Letter From Peru

Aline Fischer
Documentary • 15min • France

My first love, Michaël, died at the age of 20, killed in the Peruvian jungle in the fall of 2000. 22 years later, I go for the first time to the Amazon, under the direction of Apichatpong Weerasethakul, to the place where Michi lost his life.


Anastasia Kirillov
Documentary • 15min • Sweden

With war raging in Ukraine, a conversation between a daughter living in the West and her estranged father in Russia lays bare the painful struggle for common ground.

Las Memorias Perdidas
de los Árboles

Antonio La Camera
Experimental, fiction • 20min • Italy

In the heart of the Amazon jungle, two trees wake up at night and embark on a spiritual journey to discover a past in which they were two children brothers.

You have (1) Unheard Message

Brett Allen Smith
Documentary, Experimental • 8min • USA

Flawed portraits from a remote Amazonian village expose grim memories of addiction, disease and neglect.

This Is Not Here

Charlotte Mungomery
Experimental • 9min • Australia

Two pedestal fans in dialogue. A guided meditation through the Peruvian Amazon, a parody of wellness, memories of dentists and death beds, elements that merge into a visceral soundscape for the eyes. Simultaneously melancholic, erotic and ironic, this pareidolia-inducing film is a tangential contemplation of the processes, experiences and absurdities of grief in ordinary life.

Lost Brother

Dwight Fagbamila
Experimental, documental • 8min • Netherlands

Deep in the Amazon jungle there is a mysterious tree that harbors a solitary spirit capable of luring small children into the jungle never to see them again. Two sisters find and play with a small spider as if it were their lost brother; a dance between captivity and protection. And a flock of vultures flies overhead, eagerly awaiting their next meal.

Dreaming About Poison Again

Dylan Pailes-Friedman
Fiction, experimental • 10min • USA

After a breakup, Carlos realizes that the happiest dream he has ever had is that of his own death at the roots of the Amazon.


Hadar Morag
Documentary, experimental • 12min • Israel

The metamorphosis from the language of tenderness to the language of passion.


José Miguel Jiménez González
Documentary • 18min • Chile/Ireland

Palma Real is an indigenous community hidden in the Peruvian Amazon. Theysi is a midwife. She has been running the local clinic that serves the entire community for almost three years. Far from her native Lima, her family and friends, she sometimes wonders about the loneliness her vocation brings to her life.Her days are a mix of silence and intimacy as she guides the young women of the area through their pregnancies.This is just one of her days.

Strip of Eyelid Finds its Morning

Naomi Pacifique
Fiction • 16min • Switzerland, Netherlands

The jungle is a witness to life; life is a witness to the jungle.

This Is Not The End

Orion Eshel
Experimental, documentary • 7min • USA

In an abandoned village in the Peruvian Amazon, a narrator ruminates on the things he wishes he had had the courage to tell his parents.

Under The Skin You Are Merely Blood & Bones

Orly Nurany
Experimental, documentary • 12min • Netherlands

Totally destroyed, but ready to kill, die or at least transform.

Ramon y el Rio

Pablo Briones
Documentary • 11min • Switzerland

Navigating through the jungle, Ramon undertakes the final stages of his wife’s long mourning.

Los Misticos

Robert Mentov
Experimental, documentary • 4:30min • Canada

In a remote Peruvian jungle village, a boy finds himself between the natural world and the spirit world. In doing so, he gains a keen awareness of the energy of his long-lost ancestors.