The Non Places

By Elia Boqueras , Alicia Corpas, SPAIN, 24´, 2021

This story is a walk into the future with our feet still in the past, about changing stages and our fear of them.

Muna feels strange lately. While celebrating the beginning of summer with her childhood friends in the Barcelona neighborhood where they grew up, Muna tries to hide her uneasiness about something she had postponed until that moment: saying goodbye to them and not keeping the promises made years ago.

From those places of her past, thinking about the future will force Muna to make a decision during that first day of one summer of many, of long days marked by the inevitable passage of time.


Brussels Short Film Festival 2022
Official Selection ‘Next Generation’ section


Ensenada’s International Film Festival @fice.festival
Online section ‘Panorama’


Esmeralda Colette
Pau Rubio
Gerard Sánchez
Antonia Weisse
Pep Antón Muñoz


Directed by: Elia Boqueras , Alicia Corpas
Produced by: Estephania Bonnett
Written by: Alicia Corpas
DOP: Alicia Corpas
Sound: Carles Norres, Lucia Amado
Production Designer: Mari Contreras
First AD: Elia Boqueras
Hair and Make Up: Álvaro Marin, Ángela Paulino
Editing: Mari Contreras, Laura Flores
Original Score: Ernest Pipó

A production by:

Playlab Films

Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

Year: 2020
Format: Fiction – Short
Genre: drama – Teenage
Age rating: All ages
Duration: 24.00 ‘
Original language: Spanish
Subtitled version: Spanish
Format: Color, 1:85, 2 K, Other
Status: Finished
Instagram: @losnolugares