Hour of the Ant

By Micah Von Hove, USA, Spain, Canada, Colombia, 90´, 2022

An existential murder mystery in the Amazon jungle

Deep in the Amazon jungle, Chino works as a transporter for an illegal gold mining organization, but is consumed by one thing: finding the snake that killed his dog.

Together with Poálo, his partner, Chino sets snake traps along the banks of the river. When the body of an American is found in one of his traps, alarm bells start ringing in the mining organization.

Chino continues to hunt for the anaconda but who is hunting whom?

Suddenly he finds himself in a no-win situation, his only option will be to go through the organization from beginning to end.


Guillermo Enrique Leonidas Subauste Febres
Raymond Steers


Directed by: Micah Von Hove
Executive Producers: Jim Cummings, Benjamin Wiessner
Coproducers: Micah Von Hove, Estephania Bonnett, Brett Pedersen, Juan Pablo Caballero
Produced by: Estephania Bonnett
DOP: Juan Pablo Caballero
1st AD: David Felipe Pava Rivera
Sound: Juan Camilo Martínez Idárraga, Juan Felipe Rayo Sánchez
Production Designer: César Augusto Montoya Vásquez
Art Director: Melissa Villegas Solórzano
Line producer: Cesar Augusto Rodriguez Cortes
Editing: Micah Von Hove

A production by:

spirit ape

Playlab Films

Tall Pines Film Production

Cine Celeste

Year: 2022
Format: Fiction – Feature
Genre: Existential thriller
Age rating: Pending
Duration: 90.00 ‘
Original language: Spanish – English
Format: Color, 4K, Digital 5.1, Dolby Stereo
Status:  Post- production
WEB: https://wefunder.com/snakeoilsong/